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Terms of Use
Terms of Use
The Use Conditions, Limitation of Liability and data protection on these sides belong to the the german law and can be looked up under link.

The text on these sides represents only first and general information. It is meant and for such use also unsuitable neither as lawyer's consultation. An adhesion for actions, which are undertaken on the basis of the documentation contained on this side, is impossible.

There is no contractual relation between the user and the Kanzlei Salan & Coll with the use of this website.

For the correctness and completeness of excerpts from laws, judgements etc., which are only taken up in the context of the offered service, used on this web page, no responsibility is assumed. In all other respects we provide our Internet offers altogether under exclusion of any adhesion.

For the reason of a contractual relation to the user of our web page the delivery of a notification of acceptance is fundamental and without exception by the Kanzlei Salan & Coll. necessarily. So far on the part of the user of the Kanzlei, or at all, a legal relation gives a mandate to the Kanzlei Salan & Coll. with cost obligation to come is, depends this on our conditions for the Online-Beratung.

On the web page indicated links were carefully examined before their admission into our web page and are constantly examined for their topicality. As far as the user detects altered links, we appreciate being informed about it.

Our web page is to the users free of charge subject to other agreement at the disposal.

For correctness of the information taken up to the web page, those Availability of the indicated services as well as the loss of data or those Serviceability for a certain purpose we can take over neither guarantee nor adhesion. This applies also to damages, which develop due to a use of the respective offers. As far as a non-liability is possible anyway, we are only responsible for resolution and gross carelessnes.

Product and company names are marks of the respective owners and on these sides used exclusively for information purposes.

Due to constantly changing contents of comments and in the forum, it is not possible for the operator to sight all contributions completely, to examine their contents or to exercise active control of it. To that extent we assume no responsibility for contents, the correctness and the form.

With his registration the user consents to the agreement with the following use conditions:
  • Member, which take part actively and with own contributions in panels, itself any offenses, pornographic or otherwise punishable contents of, the injury of rights third commit themselves as well as for inadequately rough mode of expression to contain, the full carries and , as operators from any adhesion opposite third exempt, commit themselves exclusive responsibility for the contributions stopped by them to us to the omission of each kind of commercial activity by attitude from comments to advertising purposes as well as by use of forums and Comments on commercial Zweck.
  • There is no right to publish submitted comments or forum contributions for the Kanzlei Salan & Coll. We keep ourselves to that extent also forwards to edit or delete comments and forum contributions after own discretion.
As far as the user makes use of submitting own contributions for the editorial part, the entry of the complete pre- and last name is a basic requirement.

Independently, the user gives by now the following explanations for contributions he may make in the future:
  • The member insures that the submitted contributions are all and freely without exception of rights third, in particular author, mark or Personality rights.
  • The member grants an unrestricted right to use the submitted contributions to the operators. This covers in particular the publication in the Internet as well as in newsletters, printed media and other publications.
The member has the right for the anonymization and/or deletion of his contributions by E-Mailing us. The deletion/anonymization takes place within 7 days after the report. For loss occured to the user because of a late deletion, we are only liable, if these are not based on an obligation injury of the member and then also only for rough being to blame for or resolution. In the connection we point out expressly that this homepage is not indexed regularly by search machines and we influence on to have whether, where and how long with us published articles possibly also after deletion on these homepage in other data bases and web pages remain stored and there are callable.

On storage, publication or archiving of the submitted contributions no requirement insists on the part of the member. The operators reserve themselves forwards not to take up submitted contributions without indication of reasons it. To edit publication or delete after publication again.

Through the publication of submitted contributions no claims inccur for remuneration (fees, royalties, expenditure remunerations or the like) of the member.

If the user elaborates personal or business data, he does that freely. Our services can be used anonymous.

The user is obligated to keep his user name and password in confidence. The user commits itself to inform us immediately if there is cause for a suspicion on abuse of his entrance data.

It applies German right. Area of jurisdiction is Mannheim.

If components or individual formulations of this managing text of the valid legal situation do not correspond, to no more or not completely, remains the remainder of the text in its contents and his validity of it unaffected.
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