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Progress and development are leading to increasing complexity of public acts.

In the maze of regulatory framework and detailed regulations, private persons and companies are dependent on reliable and competent consultants.

In the lawyer`s office Salan & Coll. you will find the corresponding partner and companion in this request.

The primary objective of the lawyer`s office Salan Rechtsanwälte the satisfaction of our clients.

Above all the mutual confidence between lawyer and client is the basis and prerequisite for this.

Already from the very start, a lasting relationship with the client will be established by intensive exchange of ideas in order to to take up her/his requests and aims as exactly as possible and to show possibilities for the realization of obtainable goals.

In upcoming out of court and court settlements the client has to be accompanied and represented as much uncompromisingly and resolutely as she/he is to be saved and protected from expensive and senseless proceedings, if desirable results appear not to be reachable.

Long-term and intensive business connections to the clients have to be strived for and organized to such a degree that they are able to contribute to entrepreneurial and private prosperity according to a purposeful companion and consultation.

According to this philosophy the lawyer`s office Salan Rechtsanwälte is bound to the following objectives in the interest of its clients:

  • Establishment and care of a trusting relationship
  • Definition of interests and aims
  • Development of alternatives for realization of aims
  • Securing the interests of the client
  • Clear definition of request and prospects of success
  • Dissuasion in the given individual case as well as
Securing of comprehensibility and control of acting.

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